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Wild and Scenic Beauty
Posted by Erin Duval on August 26, 2020 in  uncategorized
A late Montana summer often ranges from waves of high heat, to spells of pleasant balminess, to crisp hints of fall. The sun is almost always shining, sitting a bit lower in the sky, which makes for a delightfully golden morning and evening light. The larch trees begin to turn from dark green to a bright lime, and eventually display their beaming yellow. And as the summer wanes, the river levels lower and the currents get slower. Many rivers that were once swift with raging rapids in early summer are now ... read more
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Water. While it is essential to life, it is wonderfully restorative to the mind, body, and soul. Listening to the sound of rain on a rooftop, waves lapping the shore, or the bubbling of a fountain are all ways we enjoy the soothing sounds of water. There is a deep sense of peace when sitting by a water body and staring at reflections that we can't find anywhere else. It begs us to ask, why don't we all have a water feature of some kind at our homes?  Here are 6 stunning properties with water features, from fou... read more
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Posted by Erin Duval on August 17, 2020 in  uncategorized
Purple Hands What defines an idyllic Montana summer? Well, there are the usual images that come to mind — fly-fishing lines dancing across rivers wild, sleek horses galloping through wildflower filled meadows, towering craggy peaks bathing in the sun’s glow, and… purple-stained fingers rubbing fruit juice off the chin? Yes, that’s right - it’s huckleberry season in northwest Montana, and that means purple hands, teeth, and t-shirts donned by hikers with full bellies, carrying jugs of ... read more
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Helping you understand the current Montana real estate market
Posted by Erin Duval on August 11, 2020 in  uncategorized
Do you want to better understand the current Montana real estate market? Our bi-annual Market Trends Regional Reports are now available to help answer your most pressing questions. View these thorough reports for all three regions on the PureWest website.Published on a semi-annual basis by PureWest Real Estate, our Market Trends Regional Reports are robust, detailed, and paint a clear, easy-to-understand picture of the current Montana real estate market. You’ll find data for each county and city in the r... read more
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