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Helping you understand your regional Montana real estate market
Posted by Erin Duval on August 25, 2023 in  uncategorized
The data is in! PureWest Montana recently released our bi-annual Market Trends Regional Reports to help you better understand the current state of Montana’s real estate market.   Published on a semi-annual basis by PureWest Real Estate, our Market Trends Regional Reports are robust, detailed, and paint a clear, easy-to-understand picture of the current Montana real estate market. You’ll find data for each county and city in the region — the Northwest, Missoula and Bitterroot Valley, greater B... read more
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Understanding the benefits of a well-lit home
Posted by Erin Duval on August 21, 2023 in  uncategorized
In the vast expanse of Montana's landscapes, your home is your sanctuary, and good lighting is arguably the most important part of that sanctuary. The right lighting sets the mood, crafting an ambiance that resonates with your desires. Light tells you what time it is — when to wake up and when to go to bed. Muted light in a dining room can set the mood for a romantic dinner, bright lighting can keep you focused on work, and natural lighting can reset the body’s natural rhythms. Whether looking to remode... read more
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Owning a place in Montana means having access unparalleled locations for stargazing
Posted by Erin Duval on August 20, 2023 in  uncategorized
Montana's sprawling landscapes offer more than just breathtaking mountain vistas and tranquil lakeshores; they also provide an unparalleled canvas for stargazing. PureWest Montana is excited to introduce you to one of the lesser-known but remarkable perks of owning property in this magnificent state - the opportunity to embrace the skyward-looking nighttime hobby. Whether you’re an amateur astronomer or simply intrigued by the cosmos, Montana’s clear and dark skies offer optimal conditions for observing... read more
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Step out your front door and take advantage of foraging opportunities around the state
Posted by Erin Duval on August 09, 2023 in  uncategorized
Nestled in the heart of Montana's pristine landscapes, a remarkable natural bounty awaits those who appreciate the joys of harvest season. PureWest Montana invites you to explore the rich tapestry of flavors that graces the land, whether as a family-friendly outing to a local orchard or as a treasure hunt into the wilderness. Discovering the enchanting world of Montana's seasonal harvest and the delectable treasures it bestows upon its residents is one of the best perks of living in the Treasure State! Nature's Swe... read more
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